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  1. Such a gorgeous girl, inside and out. Just so sexy and desirable. Can’t wait to taste you and your sweet load again. You are truly the best girl i have ever seen xxxxxx

  2. A perfect afternoon, initial nerves quickly quelled by comfortable and natural chat and then into the bedroom where as luck would have it we share the same shoe size.

    Soon my hands were rubbing her panties, then out came her glorious cock. Almost too big to take it all in my mouth. Much fucking and sucking later, Mistress was ready to cum and I dutifully held out my tongue for her load and what a load it was.

    Rather than then be hurried away, we had a lovely chat about a wide range of topics, with not a pair of panties being worn. Isobel is one of a kind and pushed me to limits I didn’t know I have. My return visit can’t come soon enough where I suspect my horizons will be expanded yet further.

  3. Recently spent a lovely time with the delightfully intelligent and talented Isobel. She listened, I learned!

    After finding out my general level of experience, wish list and do’s and dont’s she worked her magic. Had a great time Isobel, and will be back soon!

  4. Last week …… mmmmmm ……. had a fabulous time with Mistress Isobel. Intriguing, interesting and very attentive. Make up and dressing was divine and she made me look and feel gorgeous. Intimacy was very sensuous and took me on a journey beyond what I expected. Highly recommended and looking forward to my next visit ….. if I’m allowed x

  5. Great afternoon yesterday ! Def 10 out of 10 loved kissing you all over. Amazing x

  6. Wow – Fantastic Website!
    Pics are amazing yet don’t reflect the real life person – Trust me.

    Can’t wait to see you again.

    Johnny Mwoah X

  7. Hmmm, where to start…I was on Mistress Isobel’s website and made an internal application.

    Upon arrival, I was welcomed into Mistress’ home, very nice I might add; clean and tidy. As we spoke about my likes and dislikes I quickly realised Mistress is well educated and intelligent.

    Her methods of domination are stylish, with flair and an excellent choice of words. And i quickly found myself falling under her spell. The details of our encounter are between Mistress and I, but suffice to say I was fully satisfied and satisfied her fully.

    I showered afterwards, immaculate facilities. After which we chatted and socialised. Mistress is not a clock watcher, I don’t think I saw one clock in fact and she takes her work seriously!

    Maybe, I’ll get into her bedroom next time. Thank you Mistress

  8. I met Isobel recently and what a gorgeous girl she is. I think i’m in love. xxxx

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