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  1. Mistress, what a wonderful new website, it’s as wondefrul as you are: intelligent, beautiful and understanding. I look forward to being at your heels again soon xxx

  2. Hi Isobel,

    Your blogs are the best, I love reading them.

    Thanks for posting them

  3. A gifted woman in so many ways. Your style in your writing and the way you dress and behave is a credit to you. I look forward to continuing our dialogue for much longer as it enriches my life. Xx

  4. Absolutely beautiful in body and in mind!….Everything a woman should be and much, much more!……I could so easily fall in love with this one!…Isobel, you’re a wonderful girl!… with lots of love steve xxx

  5. Wow! can’t wait to meet u Ms. Loves x

  6. Isobel, your new website is irresistible. The promise of sensuous, exhilarating encounters is too much to deny oneself.

    See you soon again.


  7. Wonderful Isobel..just lying in bed dreaming pleasantly of your gorgeous self. Good Night beautiful, Yours Ade xxx

  8. Is there anyone out there worthy of Miss Isobel’s beauty? Is there a possibility that there is anyone with a more vivid, sensual imagination? I sincerely doubt it. To misquote Keats- “Much have I travelled in Miss Isobel’s realms of gold”. I find myself daydreaming about her, and I cannot wait to fall helplessly down the rabbit hole to find her.

    • Flattery will get you everywhere! And by way of a little thank you, i have mentioned you in my blog again. I know how much you love it when i do that. xx

  9. Great site – can’t wait to meet you xxx

  10. You are fabulous Isobel, this is sexiest website I have ever seen. Could I have a password please?

  11. Hiya
    It was a pleasure to meet you last night, your pics are great take care x.


  12. wow! hope to get to meet you & try out some of your wonderful ideas!
    Please send a password

  13. Thanks for a superb time Isobel. I can`t wait for my next visit. Could you please let me have a password for your pics?
    Take care

  14. Wonderful photo’s and a wonderful website in general. I will certainly look you up on my next trip. Would love to see the password protected pics. See what I am missing. XX

  15. Amazing photos of such a sizzling sexbomb! I can’t wait to meet and explore and taste you all over.Stunning lady with a very special treat xx

    • You certainly did taste me all over. I think you licked every bit of my body, especially enjoyed your prolonged special attention to my….

      Kisses, Isobel xxx

  16. Sensuously sexually erotic and decadent. I am counting down the hours till we meet.

    • Decadent – great word. You and I are going to get along very well, and I imagine we’re going to have a wonderful time together. See you tomorrow. Love Isobel x

  17. Isobel ,

    Congratulations ! What a wonderful website ! I read Your stories over and over ! Can I apply for an interview ! Joe xx

  18. Great site!

  19. Recently spent a lovely time with the delightfully intelligent and talented Isobel. She listened, I learned!

    After finding out my general level of experience, wish list and do’s and dont’s she worked her magic ( 😉 )

    Had a great time Isobel. I will be back!



    • You are such a good girl.

      And even now my girly cock begins to get hard when i start to think about my naughty girl bent over ready to take me deep inside her.

      Next time you willl dress and and make yourself up, then i will mark you and mark you properly, you understand. Then you will be made girl and used like the slut you are.

      With Love and understanding,

      Isobel xx

    • Hello Isobel..just to let you know i will be in Leeds again for a few days in Nov. Am already planning to visit and have some hot horny sexy fun. Been too long… xx

  20. The force is strong within you Isobel. It’s enough to make me sway to the dark side xx J

  21. Great site, first timer here contemplating submitting to you Mistress Isobel


  22. What a website you have !! You look absolutely gorgeous and sexy. Reading your stories and looking at your pictures makes me want you more and more.

    I’ve been looking for someone special for ages and you to me are the one.

    I will be ringing you this next week to try to make an appointment to come and visit you.

  23. WOW you are stunning. If only i could get over my nerves. Please help Isobel

  24. Thanks for tonight was great to enter a whole new world of fantasy come alive. Xxxxyum

  25. I contacted Isobel, looking for something different and i was not let down. Great girl, lovely person and hot hot hot. Highly recommended!

  26. wow go see this lady. amazing. she totally satisfies you, but still you end up wanting more and more. dirty girl, love ya xx

  27. Well what a stunning Girl, can’t wait to meet !

  28. wow so beautiful i would do anything for you miss

  29. Wow you are sexy and I love your site! Hope to see you in person soon

  30. You are so gorgeous, I would love to be your toy

  31. superb site, superb girl, you’ve got my cock throbbing again. i’ve got to meet you for another session soon. james xxxx

  32. Hello Isobel, You were amazing. Thanks for another brilliant afternoon.

  33. Thank you for a wonderful interview and afternoon.
    Cant wait to meet you again soon Mistress Isobel.


  34. Amazing lady, amazing time, amazing experience, will be back for more and more!

  35. Hi,
    have emailed on aw and still want that beautiful cock cumming in me.


  36. Wow – Fantastic Website!
    Pics are amazing yet don’t reflect the real life person – Trust me.

    Can’t wait to see you again.

    Johnny Mwoah X

  37. I need to come and see you…so sexy. Love it baby..you are the hottest! xx

  38. Yesterday was a really enjoyable experience, thank you.

    See you again sometime soon 🙂

  39. I could just imagine that peachy bottom queening me and using my tongue to please you

    Jenn xx

  40. Your the best cant wait to be your bitch again

  41. Wow, Isobel you are surely the sexiest creature to ever walk this earth. I would luv to lick and kiss every inch of that goddess like body and bury my tongue in that oh so lickable axxx….


  42. Your surely the sexiest creature to walk this earth, I would luv to lick and kiss every inch of that goddess like body…and then bury my tongue into that warm inviting axxx.

    Phil X

  43. very sexy honey, you are the best

  44. Would love to cum and see you , I would really like to get dressed up together….Adriene

  45. 10/10 what a beautifull ass Mistress. Would love to slide down your panties and bury my tongue deep

  46. You are just the most beautiful sexy lady i have ever seen, i adore you xxx

  47. Great afternoon yesterday ! Def 10 out of10 loved kissing you all over x

  48. What a lovely area would love to explore it more with my clock Andy xx

  49. Your beauty is beyond belief, what a totally divine Goddess you are.

    • You are the most divine looking Goddess any man could wish for, I can’t wait for my first session with your divine loveliness.

  50. Wow that’s a 10

  51. Well Isobel,
    What a great site I must say. You are a very sexy girl. How I would love to have you model lingerie for me. Then decide on a favourite… Then begin to play… To stretch you open wide…to use you…
    Oh how my imagination is running wild….

  52. Your Highness it’s beautiful

  53. Best site on the web. Only wish I was in Leeds or nearby; you never know when I might pass through. Keep up the great artwork, photos and videos.

    Best wishes

  54. A perfect afternoon, initial nerves quickly quelled by comfortable and natural chat and then into the bedroom where as luck would have it we share the same shoe size.

    Soon my hands were rubbing her panties, then out came her glorious cock. Almost too big to take it all in my mouth, but before long mistress was pulling my mouth hard on her pushing my gag reflex to the very limit. My cock was placed in chastity and Isobel held onto the key for my entire visit.

    My butt plug, put in before the taxi ride over was removed and the task of getting my tiny hole to take her thick 7″ beauty. Such a mixture of pleasure and pain but there was no relenting and soon she was ramming me hard and fast.

    She then decided my hands should be bound behind my back so I only had my mouth to pleasure her. Much fucking and sucking later, Mistress was ready to cum and I dutifully held out my tongue for her load and what a load it was. It was only reasonable that I cleaned up every last drop and swallowed it like a good girl, going back for seconds as required.

    Rather than then be hurried away, we had a lovely chat about a wide range of topics, with not a pair of panties being worn. Isobel is one of a kind and pushed me to limits I didn’t know I have. My return visit can’t come soon enough where I suspect my horizons will be expanded yet further.

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