The Irresistible Isobel Loves

Flaunting convention, defying comparison and exceeding all expectations

The one and only Trans Girl Extraordinaire

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Leeds Yorkshire Tv-Ts Shemale Escort


Some know me as the  Isobel aka Miss Kinky, The Premier Leeds Tv-Ts Escort. Others know me as the perfect t-girl friend Hot n Horny Isobel. Sometimes I am Trans Shemale Mistress Isobel of Leeds and at other times the naughty kinky bad t-girl you see here in my pictures. But always and everywhere the delectable, delightful and Irresistible Isobel Loves.

Trans Girl Extraordinaire. Based in Leeds, Yorkshire, but often found in London, Manchester, Aberdeen and wherever the fancy takes me.

I love being creative and enjoy making life fun and exciting for me and those who get to know me. Life truly is too short to spend it wondering what might have been.

When I first started writing my Tv-Ts Shemale stories I had no idea how much you would come to love and enjoy them. We don't know until we try. I first started writing them about a year ago, and now they are read by people like you in almost every country around the world.

I also love photography and have something of an artistic flair. It’s wonderful when your ideas and fantasies made into reality, And on my website  here you’ll see all my best and finest shemale, tv-ts, trans girl photographs and images to date. Of course there will be more soon

And I’ve also started making shemale porn films. Again I bring my own style to that and some of my first are here for you to enjoy.

And very soon the first of my latest creations will be ready for you. Your favourite tgirl shemale tv-ts stories brought to life. I can’t say anymore just yet, but it’s very special.

with love and kisses

Isobel Loves x

The Irresistible Isobel Loves ~ Trans Girl Extraordinaire

Leeds Yorkshire Tv-Ts Shemale Escort